Commercial Voiceover Demo (1:21)

Let The Sunshine In

Vocals: Ritter Hanz, Chris Dilley,

Anne Fraser Thomas

All Things To One Man (Demo) (1:34)

My Mother Left Me In Mexico City

Music by Jaime Lozano, Lyrics by Lauren Epsenhart

from the musical “Children of Salt”

Reflection (Demo) (1:48)

Alone (Demo) (3:40)

I Miss My Man (2:46)

Anne Fraser Thomas Sings

Anne Fraser Thomas

When You Can’t Dream Tomorrow

From the musical LULLABY STREET

Music and Lyrics by Bryan Putnam

Quando Men Vo (Demo) (1:51)

From the musical THE MANY WOMEN OF TROY

Music by Brian Allan Hobbs; Lyrics by Michael Boynton